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Dino Bikes Line

Our bike range begins with the Dino Bikes line that covers all child bike sizes from 10″ to 16″.

A vast range of bikes designed for children firstly to help them learn and later on for fun.

for all tastes...

The bikes are available in romantic and fashion versions for girls and more sporty versions for boys.

Safety first and foremost

Our products meet the essential requirements of a bike equipped according to the latest safety standard directives.

For every type of use

Dino bikes are great for free time, suitable for country excursions and for adults on short trips around town.

...and to get started: Balance Bike

The Balance Bike line is specifically designed for the little ones to help them learn simply and safely to balance on two wheels.

The attractive and gutsy design with special double fork makes this a really exclusive bike.

Dino Bikes

Dino Bikes has been manufacturing and selling children’s and adult’s bicycles (Aurelia series) since 1920.
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