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Everyone knows and loves Pinocchio, the puppet who became a child, created by the skilled hands of the carpenter Geppetto . Pinocchio is lively , author of many mischief with fellow adventurers: THE CAT AND THE FOX.  Pinocchio’s most famous and well-known characteristic is his nose, which stretches out when he tells lies. The bike PINOCCHIO designed for children who want to live new adventures together with the puppet that, one thinks and a hundred makes!

Me Contro Te

Surely idols of teenagers and children ; the couple of youtubers and influencers Luì and Sofì, are authors of videos with content of various kinds.  In fact, it goes from challenges, most of the time funny and open to everyone, to songs and parodies, through special videos and experiments in the name of sympathy. Riding this bike, your children and teenagers can stroll around here trying, themselves, in filming their new adventures!


Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. Along with his friends Tails, Knuckles and Amy, Sonic races around the planet to fight injustice. The Sonic bicycle is meant for those kids and teens who like Sonic dream of defeating the evil DR. Eggman who wants to conquer the world with a huge army of robots. ALL READY TO COMMAND EVIL?


Riding your bike Alyssa to spend a thousand adventures like immersed in the magical backdrops where this beautiful little mermaid lives.  Equipped with stabilizers, a colorful doll holder and a convenient front basket, this bike is undoubtedly the perfect choice for small adventurers who love to spend whole days in the saddle and share magical and exotic adventures with friends!


Two beautiful queens living between snow and ice through whitewashed and magical landscapes. Every little girl will be delighted to see the new bike Ice Prince Collectio Snow Queen and, getting on the saddle, will have the impression, as if by magic, to live like a real queen, pedalling on a soft white mantle.

Junior Elf Fairytale Princess

Five beautiful princesses, with sparkling hair and glittering jewels. Pearls, lace and sequins on their magnificent dresses. At the palace, every evening, they live magical nights between music and banquets, under the watchful and attentive eyes of the princes who await them for a dance.  The JUNIOR ELF FAIRYTALE PRINCESS bicycle will make every little girl dream, projecting her in this magical and fairy-tale world.

Junior Elf Original Cars

Every child dreams of having a beautiful car, imagining himself as a driver and racing on the track challenging opponents. Speed: an emotion and an adrenaline rush! Getting in the saddle and putting your hands on the handlebars will lead your children to live an unforgettable experience. Imagine stopping at the pits for a refueling and hearing the crowd screaming:”CONGRATULATION !”  The JUNIOR ELF ORIGINAL CARS bicycle is definitely the one for your kids lovers of thrill and adventure.


Batman’s bikes are now available, the gift your child has been waiting for! Batman, the superhero of the night who fights crime on the streets of Gotham City, awaits you for many fun on two wheels adventures.Available in different sizes, Batman bikes have unique, gritty and captivating graphics, like the dark superhero, designed for brave children who dream of living brave deeds!Equipped with stabilizers and the inimitable front shield of Batman, the graphics are a fantastic black … absolutely a “must have” for your little hero!


The Superman bicycle dedicated to the superhero with unparalleled reflexes and strength, which flies over the city to protect it from evil awaits you for a fantastic adventure on the bike! With flaming red wheels like its cape, the bicycle is equipped with a fantastic front shield, dedicated to the mythical Superman, with the Superman bicycle you will face every challenge. The Superman It is a safe, sturdy but light bike, equipped with fantastic stabilizers, a bike completely designed for the exciting adventures of your little invincible cyclists!


Flash bikes have arrived! There is no child in the world who would not want to be like Flash, the hero seven times faster than light, able to move between past and future!What gift could be more perfect than a super Flash bike? This bike can be the protagonist of new exciting adventures! With eye-catching graphics, red in colour with yellow lightning bolts, the bike is equipped with a fantastic front shield, dedicated to the supersonic hero!

Topo Gigio

Topo Gigio is back with an irresistible bicycle, dedicated to the cutest mouse, cheerful and everything to… scramble to cuddle! For Topo Gigio everything is new and together with him your children will enjoy a world learning to ride safely.

Fireman Sam

Riding Dino Bikes, children can feel like the heroes of Pontypandy together with Fireman Sam. Designed for kids to enjoy bike adventures with the utmost safety and ease.

Peppa pig

The beautiful Peppa and her little brother George together with their friends are ready to learn to ride together with younger cyclists. Every day will make new and cheerful adventures always in maximum safety and autonomy thanks to the fantastic accessories included.

Paw Patrol

Jump in the saddle of the beautiful bikes by Dino Bikes together with the most famous puppy rescue team in the world! The funny Paw Patrol puppies will live the adventure along with your small brave bikers… as Ryder likes to say:  “No job is too big, no pup is too small!


Everyone knows and loves Bing! Small and adorable like your little ones, Bing learns new things every day thanks to the constant support of Flop and his friends! Let your kids ride one of our new Bing bikes, and he will be able to learn a lot as well, thanks to the wonderful experiences they will live with their rabbit friend, and with you!


It’s finally here! The bike every sweet little dreamer was waiting for! Romantic and rainbow colored, this bike will be the absolute protagonist of outdoor days. On the saddle of this bike your kids will feel like flying on a magic Unicorn!


Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa and Aisha: the entire Winx Club on our cycles, riding together to the magical world of Magix


It’s the craze of the moment and everyone is mad about LOL: trendy, fashion, glittery dolls!  A LOL bike is the best chosen gift for 5-and-up-years-old girls! Fully equipped with soft saddle, front wheel colored disc, must-have doll carrier and front basket, this is the ideal bike for whole afternoons spent with best friends!

Hello Kitty

The international cult kitten will accompany little cyclists on the path to wonderful adventures.


The best-loved and best-selling fashion doll in the world for a stylish and fashionable Dino Bikes cycle.

Dino Trex

Ready to jump back to prehistory? Dino Bikes welcomes you to the era of Dinosaurs! A bike for brave and temerary kids looking forward to living thrilling adventures on the two wheels! Night matt black and nature green, the bike is equipped with sporty mudguard and front plate… you do not want to miss it!

Dino Bikes

Dino Bikes has been manufacturing and selling children’s and adult’s bicycles (Aurelia series) since 1920.
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