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Despicable Me3 and Minions

Adorable and fun, starring again in the movie “Despicable Me3” to be released in theaters August 24th, daredevils Minions conquer the two wheels of Dino Bikes. Fun is guaranteed to small but brave cyclists.


Marinette/Ladybug against Papillon and his Akumas, to turn even the most timid cyclists into incredible superheroes!

Spiderman Homecoming

Exceptional looks for this bike by Dino: the latest Spiderman’s adventure, Homecoming, available for the most fearless cyclists.

Regal Academy

Enter the world of fairy tales riding on the two wheels of Dino Bikes: the most magical academy of the TV is waiting for you, to live wonderful adventures together with Rose and her classmates.


The success of the dynamic cartoon by Dreamworks, starring the small Trolls and their fabulous kingdom, conquers the two wheels of Dino Bikes: the funniest adventures are awaiting you on our saddles.

Thor Ragnarok

A flaming bicycle and a new adventure for the hero from Asgard, and for small ciclysts riding Dino Bikes!

Ben 10

The power of the Omnitrix will be in your hands with the fantastic bike BEN 10 by Dino Bikes. Face and win in galactic dares!


Fly around the world on the wings of Dino red bikes, together with Jett the funny airplane.

PJ Masks

Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, superheroes in pajamas, will drag the little cyclists to exciting adventures under the moonlight… riding our Dino bikes, of course.

Captain America

The long-awaited opening in the cinemas of Captain America: Civil War, a Russo brothers film expected to take up to 175 million dollars in the first three days alone, coincides with the release of a bike with themed design and accessories. The shield mask makes this model unique, so kids are ready to take part in an adventure with the legendary avenger hero.


The comic book superhero par excellence, now with as many as five movies to his name, has big plans for the future. Back in the reboot set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the film Captain America: Civil War, he will star in a new film in 2017. This timeless hero captures the most daring cyclists with his web…to pedal together against the evils of the world. Dino Bikes, with its modern design, has produced a unique and sophisticated style to make your bike special.

The Avengers

Marvel’s team of legendary heroes star in the fifth highest grossing film in the history of cinema, which earned an Oscar nomination in 2013 for Best Visual Effects. A team of legendary Marvel characters such as Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow, come together in the saddle of Dino Bikes to recruit new champions.

Ninja Turtles

Young riders can travel the streets seeking justice along with Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo, the legendary mutant turtles.

Fireman Sam

Riding Dino Bikes, children can feel like the heroes of Pontypandy together with Fireman Sam. Designed for kids to enjoy bike adventures with the utmost safety and ease.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Blue engine Thomas and his friends clank along with the kids, launched on the two wheels of the imagination in quest of new adventures.

Blaze and The Monster Machines

The most incredible monster machine in Axle City. A highly colourful bike designed for young aspiring drivers.

Cars 2

Lightning McQueen from Cars 2 is back and the kids can race around with him.

Ice Age

Overwhelming success for the much loved ice characters! The first Ice Age film, released in 2002 and nominated for an Oscar in 2003 as best animated feature, has had as many as four sequels. The film that hit the cinemas in July 2016 coincided with the release of the delightful bicycle from Dino Bikes … landing here direct from prehistory for two-wheeled adventures.

The good dinosaur

Green like Arlo, the star of the Disney cartoon, a “Jurassic” bike for extraordinary adventures.

The lion guard

A gutsy Dino Bikes frame for one of the Disney characters most loved by children and adults. A mix that brings certain success for cheerful raids in the Pridelands.

FC Barcelona

The colours and the legendary pennant of the Catalan team, one of the most successful in the world, for an exclusive and unique bike model.


The bike line dedicated to the most popular fairy tales of all time. The magical Disney princesses gathered together on an exclusive bike with a romantic design


Daring sisters Anna and Elsa whizz together with young cyclists from the magical ice world of Arendelle along the tracks of the imagination

Sofia the first

Princess Sofia will accompany your little dreamers in a world of adventures in the magical kingdom of Enchancia.


To the sound of music the heroine of Buenos Aires will drag the young artists on grass towards the road to success … by bike, of course!


Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa and Aisha: the entire Winx Club on our cycles, riding together to the magical world of Magix


The best-loved and best-selling fashion doll in the world for a stylish and fashionable Dino Bikes cycle.

Hello kitty

The international cult kitten will accompany little cyclists on the path to wonderful adventures.

Finding dory

The new Dino Bikes model dedicated to the lovable and forgetful goldfish Dory, comes in conjunction with the highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. In September 2016 we will meet up again with goldfish Dory, Marlin, Nemo and the Fish Tank Gang, for a new aquatic adventure in the warm waters of California. An exclusive Dino Bikes model for the star of the seas.

Peppa pig

This cute cartoon character comes directly from TV to cycle together with the very youngest of riders.

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