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Dino Bikes: fashion for Very Important People!

The world of Italian TV entertainment is choosing Dino Bikes: the kids of some of the most well-known Italian celebrities are apparently enjoying riding our bikes so much, that their famous parents are showing it off!

Wife of the super-famous showman Alessandro Cattelan, fashion model Ludovica Sauer has recently shared on her Instagram account a fun picture showing herself sitting on a her daughter Nina’s bike….a brightly colored Dino Bikes Trolls 12”.  Daddy Alessandro and mummy Ludovica are apparently smitten by the looks and the robustness of this beautiful bike!

Picture of Ludovica Sauer drawn from showman and husband Alessandro Cattelan’s Instagram account

Speaking of looks and style, TV hostess, actress and fashion model Alessia Marcuzzi, who is also well known for her online fashion magazine “La Pinella”, has recently pictured her beautiful daughter Mia  riding our lovely bike, Hello Kitty branded. Alessia has actually dedicated a whole post of her magazine to “Mia’s bike”!

In fact, once smartly dressed for posing for a few pictures meant for the magazine, Alessia tells us how little Mia has insisted on going to the park instead, riding her Hello Kitty bicycle:  looks like she is having tons of fun on the two wheels by Dino Bikes!

Picture by Alessia Marcuzzi, drawn from

Dino Bikes takes pride in a license line of bicycles which are  always up with fashion, designed for the joy of the youngest.

Dino Bikes welcomes you to the world of the most popular fairy tales, movies and cartoons on TV: renowned brands such as Regal Academy, Winx, Superwings, PJ Masks, Trolls, Minions, and many more! Outstanding licenses coming in different models and sizes, equipped by a selection of indispensable accessories.

The modern design of Dino Bikes ensures a unique style, but also the indispensable safety for your kids.

Discover the licence line by Dino Bikes … Italian style for adventurous children and imaginative girls!

Dino Bikes

Dino Bikes has been manufacturing and selling children’s and adult’s bicycles (Aurelia series) since 1920.
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